Welcome to Me

I’ve got myself this brand-spankin’-new blog, let’s start this off with an introductory post, shall we?

paragraphrose That name, tho: Janky taken from ye ol’ Urban Dictionary “adjective used to describe a person, place or thing which is questionable, fucked up, wrong, strange, broken down, undesirable, and/or just some thing you can’t think of another word for.” Most things I do or even have come to like are pretty janky. Example: I make amazing tasting food but the presentation could always 100% use work, thus looking a little janky. Witch because while I’m currently not a licensed driver I do enjoy moonlit rides on my broom. & I have a black cat. Her name is Miss Kitty & she is the best familiar a janky witch could ever ask for.

paragraphrose Blog Focus: This blog will mostly include makeup & skincare reviews. Also heavily littered with damaged hair care, hair coloring, bleaching, & cutting. I’ll probably add in some topics like thrift store hauls, outdoor senior cat care, & maybe share some DIY skincare recipes as well as food from time to time. I’d like to play with the idea of live blogging the many shows I watch, or something to do with the various videogames I enjoy. Stick around & we’ll see what this morphs into.

Before you go!
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