Mierogylphs, goods for the good of this world

Hello, everyone, I have exciting news! I was recently contacted by this amazingly unique company. Mierogylphs is a Florida based company specializing cruelty-free, hand-crafted, sustainable, vegan, & not to mention customizable accessories. Each product provides fair wages, ethical production, & intentional inspiration. Their tagline being “Goods for the good of this world,” So you see I had to jump at the opportunity to be an affiliate. As my first one I wanted to make sure it stood 100% in alignment in what I stand for myself.

Last week I put in my order for one S-hook bracelet in Plum, with the standard inscription “Be stubborn about your goals, flexible about your methods.” Even though the inscriptions are customizable I stayed with that one because I honestly couldn’t think of anything better that I would like, & I thought that one actually fit me pretty well. I pride myself on being stubborn, but could probably be a little more flexible in my methods of obtaining my goals. It’s honestly just a really good reminder for anyone.

Over the weekend I received my package & couldn’t have been more stoked when I opened the box. The front is made from raw canvas, & is a gorgeous shade of purple that I’m really digging with my skin tone (if I do say so myself.) The back is made from cork-leather, a vegan & sustainably sourced material from the natural bark shedding of Oak Trees. The beautiful natural light color of the cork really helps the inscription pop (which I failed to capture on my iphone5s, contact me if you’d like to upgrade my equipment.)

Their prices range from $25 to $50, which for what you’re getting, I think is really reasonably priced. It’s about to be even better priced for you because of that affiliate word I was talking about before: Mieroglyphs (do you get it, like Hieroglyphs but mine?) was so kind enough to give my readers & followers 20% off their orders using the code JANKYWITCH at checkout. So get yourself, or someone in your life, a little something or somethings & put some good out there as well as on yourself.


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