Two Ingredient Makeup Brush Cleaner

It’s that time of the year again where I actually wash my brushes (mostly kidding.) I don’t really use face brushes or sponges so I don’t clean my lot as often as I should, it takes a bit of elbow grease I don’t have in me often. I dream of those machines that clean them for you but until I can afford that & fit it into a budget I’ll be sticking to what I know.

Here are our two ingredients to this insanely cheap “recipe.” The one with the gross ass cap I didn’t bother cleaning for a picture because I just cleaned my brushes is Dr Bronner’s pure-castile Rose scented soap. Next to the doctor is your oil of choice, I had sunflower oil cause it was cheap last time I went to the store & I like sunflowers a lot. I’m sure it has a lot of amazing properties but they don’t apply here, the oil just makes the soap a little less harsh on your brushes. Dr Bronner absolutely means business when it comes to soap.

I’d use a generous squirt of the soap & a few drops of oil. Honestly go with what your gut is telling you. Definitely keep the oil under 1/3 or else you’ll be rinsing for days. Add a bit of water to dilute, because again, Dr. Bronner isn’t messing around. I add more water to the mixture as I wash, starting with the most concentrated on my few face brushes that are pretty dense & adding more water with my fluffier eye brushes. 

Make sure to rinse very well, rub against your palm or whatever you’re using to wash them & make sure no more suds come out. If they do just keep rinsing & rubbing (Turn off the water when just scrubbing & not actually rinsing! It’s a pain, but so is like not having fish anymore.) Always be gentle with your brushes, they’re your makeup’s best friends. I experienced shedding for the first time (since a few Mac brushes 10yrs ago) in ONE brush, a Crown brand fluffy brush I got from Ipsy. My Bdellium Tools & misc brands washed like the champs that they are, no shedding, & returning to their original respective shapes.

Left my brushes to dry overnight laying down over a towel. I saved my eyeliner brushes for last so they’re not pictured because I didn’t have the energy in me to get them clean looking. For the record if I used any brush cleaning product I’d still be wiped out afterwards physically because of who I am, so your mileage may vary. I like this one cause it’s cheap, natural, & smells like roses.  I’ve had this rose Pure-Castile soap for just about over a year. It’s too harsh for my stupid dry & sensitive skin but I love the scent & how well it performs so I find other things to clean.

When washing make sure to avoid getting the ferrule & handles wet, you don’t want to loosen the glue or whatever else is keeping everything together. Don’t immediately put them back in their holders either, they’re best to dry laying down or upside down if you have a contraption for that. If the brush handles have ick on them you can wipe them down, I use some Seventh Generation wipes.

All clean & all dry ready to be put back in their homes. I picked out my favorites for the after picture, a good opportunity to briefly talk about my preferred brands. The top 6 are Bdellium Tools & are my absolute favorites because the colors they come in as well as being an all-around awesome brand. My favorite collection & the only one I’ve tried is the Pink Bambu series because they’re made of sustainable bamboo & vegan bristles. A few years ago I decided to go cruelty free with my brushes (grandfathering a few, never buying new) so when I found these guys it was a no-brainer after reading about the sustainability of bamboo. I’ve had these Bdellium brushes for almost two years & they still look so new. The handles may be a bit more peach than pink when I first bought them but it’s still cute.
Now, the last two brushes are from a newer company SLMissGlam. I’ve received them from different Ipsy glam bags & I love them so far, they’re also cruelty free & vegan.

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