Save Money While You Shop

paragraphrose Let’s talk about saving some money while we shop using some handy dandy Chrome extensions (or whatever inferior web browser you’re using) & apps on your phone. They’re so easy to use that you’re really doing yourself a disservice not using them. I won’t be covering any apps or extensions that require your credit or debit information (just yr PayPal) because I’m not about that life. Convince me in the comments if you’re super passionate about any, ’cause I’m too chicken shit to be honest.

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these companies but they do give you personalized referral codes, so you bet your ass I’ll be plugging those as per the usual.


First one we’re gonna talk about is my favorite, & that’s Ibotta. I believe this one’s only an app on your phone, but hoo boy is it a powerful one. Your savings will vary based on what you’re buying, but it really is fantastic. Before I go grocery shopping or make my list I give this app a little peep. Even if there’s nothing that I need ‘on sale’ or want there’s usually an “any item” option for 25-50 cents just for your trouble.

They offer deals at so many stores, & you can add stores to your favorite for easy access. It’s not limited to just grocery shopping either, there’s Sephora & clothing retailers as well that usually offer an extra 3% off. Which can totally stack with other apps or extensions that you’re using, so get on it!

All you have to do is link your PayPal, add the item you want that they’re offering cash back, & when you get home send pictures of your receipt & scan the bar codes of all the items that apply. Some stores (Like Big Y, sup boo) don’t even require you to take pictures of the receipts or bar codes, your store card does all the work for you. Sooo you could say this app is pretty dope.

Recently I’ve been using a little website/app called Ebates. Basically they’re a company working out of San Fran, CA & are really into that giving back to the people life. Through their site and/or app (be it on the phone, or your PC’s browser) you choose which store you were going to already be shopping at, & it will start tracking a cash back based on whatever percentage was listed.

Usually between 1-5%, which sure, isn’t a whole lot but if you’re going to be spending money anyway why not just add the one simple extra step? If you use the browser app it’ll notify you on a website if it has cashback & ask if you’d like to activate, which makes it even easier for you.

Ever since I signed up a little over a month ago I’ve accumulated $5, even with my relatively teeny tiny budget. Unfortunately a few of my main places aren’t listed (like Thrive Market, to name one of them & also plug another referral link) but plenty of well known retailers are, like Target, Staples, & PetCo. There’s also Sephora & Ulta, so it’d really just be silly not to sign up for Ebates.


Last, but for sure not least is Honey. You’ve probably seen every Youtuber & their mother talk about this cause they’re sponsored & I’m super jelly, so I’ll be brief. It’s not really a cash back app like the other two, but instead an extension for your web browser that applies coupons for websites you’re shopping at automatically. Saves you the finger work of googling coupons or special offers, not to mention some you just may not have found.

It’s really cool when you find a hidden 20% off coupon & then buy yourself something else with the savings because you’re a slave to consumerism. Consumerism is tight.


paragraphrose Anyway, in closing use these or don’t. It’s your own damn business. I really think you should, but I especially think you should use my referral codes cause you’ll get some dope offerings & I may get a bit of kick back. I’m not sure, depends on which one. Or use your friends if they have one, I don’t care just save your money cause it’s the cool thing to do that’s never going out of fashion.

I really don’t know why people shit on referral links & affiliates. They’re really there to help us out for spreading the word of awesome services. I suppose I understand if the service is shit, but I think that more so stems from another issue. Keep it sleazy, friends.

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