Earn Cashback Through Shopping Online with Ebates

paragraphrose Recently I’ve been using a little website/app called Ebates(obviously a referral link, c’mon now.) Basically they’re a company working out of San Fran, CA & are really into that giving back to the people life. Through their site and/or app (be it on the phone, or your PC’s browser) you choose which store you were going to already be shopping at, & it will start tracking a cash back based on whatever percentage was listed.

Usually between 1-5%, which sure, isn’t a whole lot but if you’re going to be spending money anyway why not just add the one simple extra step? If you use the browser app it’ll notify you on a website if it has cashback & ask if you’d like to activate, which makes it even easier for you.

Ever since I signed up a little over a month ago I’ve accumulated $5, even with my relatively teeny tiny budget. Unfortunately a few of my main places aren’t listed (like Thrive Market, to name one of them & also plug another referral link) but plenty of well known retailers are, like Target, Staples, & PetCo. There’s also Sephora & Ulta, so it’d really just be silly not to sign up for Ebates.

& because Ebates is having a special right now it’d be even sillier not to use my referral code. From their website:

We give you a $5 bonus for each friend you refer to Ebates who makes a qualifying purchase (order(s) must total a minimum of $25 *super easy to do). In addition to the $5 bonus, we will give you an extra bonus for the 2nd friend, referred from April 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017.

After you’ve signed up with my referral & made a purchase you can then send your friends &/or family your own referral code to qualify for the same promotional offer of $50!

I really don’t know why people shit on referral links & affiliates. They’re really there to help us out for spreading the word of awesome services. I suppose I understand if the service is shit, but I think that more so stems from another issue.

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