Welcome to Me

So, I have myself a blog, but why? I wanted to started an open forum for me, by me, to share some of my favorite things that I find particularly groovy. As well as hopefully spread some awareness of the every day life of a chronically broke gal that’s also chronically ill, just trying to get by & enjoy the things that catch my interest.

What are some of these groovy things you might ask? Well, I’m glad you asked! I’d have to say at the top would be skin care, hair care & dye, makeup, cats, video games, & knitting. Most recently I’ve gotten in to indoor gardening. There will even be a bit of nutrition & general wellness thangs, naturally those go hand in hand with chronic illness. It’s better to accept them & get excited by them than the alternative of dreading them. But who knows, honestly. & I know, I know, I’ve read the blogs saying I should specialize in one thing for success but I just can’t, so I won’t. I’ve also been told to never start sentences with “but” or “&” but I do & will. I prefer my text to come off authentically as if I am speaking to you, not some editorial journalist… thing. So, if incorrect grammar bugs you this isn’t the blog for you.

Welcome to me, I hope you enjoy your visit.

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